About ME


Artist, Designer, Muralist, & Art Director

I love creating colorful, engaging, & thought-provoking designs within my art & mural work, allowing the space surrounding them, and the people viewing them to find something in common to connect with. 

Kelle grew up in New York, Pennsylvania, & then her formative years in San Francisco. She spent time traveling the West Coast, delivering aid through Central America, spending time in Bali, Japan, Iceland, Spain, & India where she gained a love of nature & culture.

She attended Penn State University & the University of California at Berkeley attaining a degree in Sociology with a focus on Pop Culture. She later went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she attained a degree in Design.

After finishing her degrees she moved to the rust belt wilds of Cleveland to work for American Greetings as an art director & designer for over 13 years. She art directed, designed, & illustrated social expression products & brands with a focus on creative brand development, trends, & innovation. 

I love creating Art with a unique twist of PLAYFUL HUMOR

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awards & nominations

2020 Finalist, Louie award (National Card Awards). Art Direction for Present Company card.

2016 Finalist, Louie Award. Conceptual development of justWink card.

2015 Won “Coolest Tech Company of the Year” Award. Creative support for justWink animated emojis created for Apple Watch.

American Greetings Chairman’s Awards (Highest company honors) –

2016 Nomination for the Product Ingenuity Category. Key developer of Starbucks Line.

2015 Finalist for the Creativity Category. Creative support of justWink for Apple Watch.

2014 Nomination for the Creativity Category.

2014 Nomination for the Innovation Category.

2013 Nominated for the Collaboration Category.

2011 Nominated for the Innovation Category. Key developer of justWink.

2010 Nominated for the Innovation Category. Creative support for Crane’s & Co.

2008 Winner of American Greeting’s Poster Design Contest.

Our partners & clients


In 2020, she started her own business & has been designing for restaurants & small businesses with a focus on interior & exterior murals, moss walls, metallic walls, & interactive installations. Currently, she’s part of a neighborhood street art project “Via d’arte” & her dream is to continue creating neighborhood specific murals that embrace community & local pride.​

awards & nominations

Featured artist, Holiday Arts & Small Business Fest, Little Italy OH

American Greetings “3rd Floor Gallery” Group show, Westlake OH

“Under the Influence” group show, Bay Arts, Cleveland OH

“Pop tales”, Gallery Fata Morgana, Berlin Germany 

“Black Coffee”, Saints Cafe, State College PA

“All Stars” Character Design group show, Urban Spree/Pictoplasma Festival, Berlin Germany

“Summer Solstice”, 78th Street Studios, Cleveland OH

American Greetings “Media Studio” group show, Old Brooklyn OH


When not working for clients she spends her free time creating fine art, traveling to off-the-beaten-path international spaces, amusing herself with strange animal facts, hiking, skiing, (anything outdoors), studying yoga & wellness but also whiskey, : ) trying to keep her plants alive, failing at norm core, collecting but never remembering dad jokes, pending cat lady, & is always on the look out for the perfect peanut butter & jelly sandwich.